Car insurance It is becoming more expensive when you’re older.
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Car insurance It is becoming more expensive when you’re older.

Last year there were 550 serious incidents in which the driver was over 70 and the driver died or was seriously injured, reports the Institute of Advanced Motoring. This statistic accounts for 8% of the national total of 7,035 similar incidents. This means that over 70s have much more serious accidents per mile than any other sector of the population. This opinion is supported by the British insurers’ association, whose research shows that drivers over the age of 70 are 13% more likely to claim insurance than drivers between 40 and 50 years.

As the number of elderly drivers will double over the next ten years, this is a problem for older drivers and their families, not to mention the insurance industry, the police and, in fact, all emergency services.

You can probably predict the insurance industry’s response. Many insurance companies already recognize that drivers over the age of 80 are at high risk compared to those under the age of 25 and charge the corresponding premiums! Some even progressively increase premiums once the driver reaches 60. So at age 70, you will find that many insurance companies simply refuse to offer coverage. Norwich Union and Esure will not be listed after 70 and when the driver reaches 80, the field is reduced to specialized insurance companies that provide senior drivers. Helps to age and age the two market policies that do not have a maximum age allowed. Cornhill only accepts new insured up to 84, but if you have been insured by them for a few years, there is no maximum age limit. RIAS and Saga are also pleased to consider older drivers.

Since the price of car insurance is based on the historical experience of claims, a 75-year-old driver can expect to pay at least 33% more than when he was 50 years old. When the driver reaches 80, the bonuses reach the levels of a boy’s runners! Therefore, if you’re over 50, keep smiling with the lowest premiums you’ve ever had: they will not last forever!

And the right sex is even worse. While younger women are recognized for their safe driving, they become more prone to accidents as they grow older. While male drivers improve with age. (Where we’ve heard it before!) As a result, older women pay the highest rates for car insurance.

It is a biological fact that times of sight and reaction get worse as we age. And with ever-increasing traffic and increasingly complex road networks, older drivers can become confused and confused more easily. Even a delay of a fraction of a second can make the difference between an accident and almost an error. Insurers are reacting by insisting that older drivers must take a medical examination before accepting insurance. The best advice is to create a register without compensation claims and as soon as possible and purchase No Claims Protection. This protection costs a little more, but it’s worth it. So make sure you pay small bumps yourself.

But there are some simple steps that older controllers, and indeed all controllers, can take to reduce the likelihood of an accident and become more insurable. Often it is more about those little things and being alert to possible problems. For example, parking is a breeding ground for minor accidents. Knowing you’re careful. Before returning to your car, go around to see how much space you have. So, leave carefully making sure that other drivers in the parking lot do not drive in the area where you are moving. So if the progress of the years has hardened the neck and visibility in all directions is a little more difficult, pay special attention to the joints and support. Remember to move your head and turn your shoulders, in this way you will increase your vision.

Many of the policies for older motorists contain special provisions designed to help them. For example, in the Saga policy, former car drivers of the company can use any unclaimed records accumulated and if a couple is insured and the main driver decides to stop driving, the spouse can take over the unpretentious registration.

Other policies also provide comprehensive insurance coverage to anyone responsible for driving in an emergency. Cornhill will even pay £ 250 if the DVLA prevents him from driving due to health problems associated with aging.

In actions to reduce the number of accidents involving older people, the UK government is investigating the problem of deteriorating health among older drivers. It seems that he is considering the idea of ​​mandatory health checks for elderly drivers. At the same time, some local councils are introducing their own initiatives. The council of Torbay has launched a plan to encourage families and general practitioners to take on more responsibility to encourage older drivers who are not really fit to give up. A Torbay council traffic safety spokesman said: “The problem is that older people can not always see themselves when it is really time to stop driving, so the closest people should take responsibility for it.”

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists confirms that older drivers are aware of the fact that they represent an increased risk of accidents. Seven out of ten senior drivers interviewed said they would like to take a refresher course for highway driving skills and six out of ten wanted to improve their performance at intersections and on unlit roads. In response to these problems, the Institute extended the advanced tests to older non-members to encourage them to improve and increase confidence. The tests also help detect serious problems that should encourage the driver to drive.

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